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000IntroductionEdward HappPreface
000Cast of CharactersEdward HappPreface
000ChronologyEdward HappPreface
001First ImpressionsEdward HappPeople Mgmt
002We're Going to Be Great WritersEdward HappPeople Mgmt
003Draw a PictureEdward HappStrategy
004You Can Be Anything You Want To BeEdward HappPeople Mgmt
005Assemble the ComponentsEdward HappProject Mgmt
006Leave your SignatureEdward HappChange Mgmt,People Mgmt,Quality
007Technology Without the TechnologyEdward HappCommunication,Metaphor
008Time, Process and PeopleEdward HappLeadership
009The Lego's LessonEdward HappLeadership,People Mgmt,Training
010The Conservation of TypingEdward HappProject Mgmt
011Letting GoEdward HappPeople Mgmt
012What's the Next Step? Edward HappPeople Mgmt
013Build the ThrowawayEdward HappProject Mgmt,Innovation
014The Wine BetEdward HappPeople Mgmt
015Counting the SimpleEdward HappMeasurement
016Taking the Wrong JobEdward HappPeople Mgmt
017How to Work for a SonofabitchEdward HappPeople Mgmt
018Seven Hundred Names, One at a TimeEdward HappService
019Service Legends IIEdward HappService
020The End of CodingEdward HappProject Mgmt
021The Catered LunchEdward HappPeople Mgmt
022Ratchet up the productivityEdward HappPeople Mgmt
023Hire Somebody, Fire Somebody And Reorganize SomebodyEdward HappPeople Mgmt
024Rallying The Team To DieEdward HappPeople Mgmt
025The Case of the Serial NumbersEdward HappValues,Ethics
026The Perfect StormEdward HappOperations Mgmt,Crisis
027No Problem Identification Without RecommendationEdward HappPeople Mgmt

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