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Hide details for SI-537   ( 17 Stories )SI-537 ( 17 Stories )
511CommunicationYesBoil It down"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." --Antoine de Saint-Exupery1Introductions
454CrisisYesThe ParadeIn the midst of a crisis, try to remain calm and improvise where you need to.2What is crisis,response and resiliency
475CrisisYesWhere were you?Event markers divide our lives and organizations into chapters3History of IT in Crisis Response
480CrisisYesLoma PrietaWhen the ground moves, hang on4A framework for understanding the application of technology and data to crises
529CrisisYesCyclone NargisSupply chain is about getting the goods to point of need6The Business Process of Crisis Management
479Crisis,CollaborationNoApollo 13Urgency is the mother of improvising4A Crisis Framework
494CultureNoThe HandshakeUnderstanding culture takes beginner's mind11Crisis And Cultural Context
497LeadershipNoHandling AmbiguityBreak it down, get it organized, build a filter8Crisis Management Research,Simulation & Modeling
350Leadership,Project Mgmt,Conflict,PoliticsNoThe "And"The power of the AND is greater than the power of the OR6Politics,Projects and Crisis
498Leadership,Training,Strategy,CrisisYesThe SimexAn immersion experience can teach the teachers7The Business Process of Crisis Management
493Metaphor,LeadershipYesAll That JazzInvite shaking up the status quo9Bureaucracy and Crisis
26Operations Mgmt,CrisisYesThe Perfect Storm1) Back-up is only as good as the weakest link; 2) Insurance is something you buy before the disaster.
515Planning,CrisisYesLooking right, looking leftFor making plans, context and options matter
64Project MgmtYesThe Knowledge is in the Doing50% of what you need to know is in the doing4A Crisis Framework
506Project Mgmt,Innovation,DesignYesThe Lantern FestivalSometimes the great event produces nothing sustainable7Crisis,Design and IT
490Strategy,Project Mgmt,CultureYesTexting in the BushKnow the technology touch-points10Crisis disruptions and future directions
455Values,MetaphorYesThe Coat HookWhat you learn will stick, if you are persistent and persevere.13Strategy,Values,Ethics and crisis
Hide details for SI-627   ( 49 Stories )SI-627 ( 49 Stories )
185Budget MgmtYesFive ways to create budgetYou can stretch what you have
472CareersYesWhat do I need to do to get a job?Build your story a credential at a time
412Communication,LeadershipNoThe one-pagerThink 5-minute news recap
504Communication,MetaphorYesSelling the PlumbingA CIO must be chief translator and facile with a metaphor11Engagement
201Communication,StrategyNoZOUDDebate can be a positive path to truth
479Crisis,CollaborationNoApollo 13Urgency is the mother of improvising4A Crisis Framework
322Decision-makingNoPlay the Movie ForwardImagine how the rest of the movie plays out, not just the current scene
304Design,StrategyYesBottle-capsConnect with people where they are, with what they use
43FinanceYesLease versus BuyLowest cost is not always best
77FinanceYesIt's Hard to Argue with FactsWin with data: It's hard to argue with the facts
53FinanceYesCreating an Internal Capital BudgetInvestment funds created out of operations are the easiest to get approved

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