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2We're Going to Be Great WritersPositive expectations are powerful196502/27/200602/13/2023SmithtownStoryYesMalePeople Mgmt1) Does your manager believe you can succeed at whatever you do?
5Assemble the ComponentsAssembly is easier and faster than creating from scratch197802/27/200610/19/2023FBCStoryYesMaleProject Mgmt1) How can you break large problems into smaller parts? 2) In wha
6Leave your SignatureStyle matters; leave your signature197902/27/200610/19/2023FBCStoryYesMaleChange Mgmt,People Mgmt,Quality1) What elements of style have you left imprinted on your work? O
7Technology Without the TechnologySpeak technology in nontechnical terms198102/27/200602/13/2023IDCStoryYesMaleCommunication,Metaphor1) Can you recall a time when you were asked to play a role of tr
8Time, Process and PeopleThe tighter the time frame the less concern for process and people198102/27/200602/13/2023IDCStoryYesFemaleLeadership1) Can you point to examples where tight deadlines lost the team?
9The Lego's LessonLeadership is situational198102/27/200602/13/2023IDCStoryYesFemaleLeadership,People Mgmt,Training1) What experiences can you point to where deadlines impacted the
10The Conservation of TypingDon't forget that computing is about taking work out of the system!198202/27/200602/13/2023IDCStoryYesMaleProject Mgmt1) How can you take work out of your latest project? 2) What piec
12What's the Next Step? People work harder, and take pride in, achieving new levels, even if "in place"198302/27/200602/13/2023IDCStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt1) What are the ways to avoid the feeling of stagnating, dead-end
13Build the ThrowawayBuild a prototype to meet a basic need; embellish later198402/27/200611/20/2023IDCStoryYesFemaleProject Mgmt,Innovation1) Michael Schrage , MIT Professor, says that "Effective prototyp
14The Wine BetAn audacious goal is powerful198502/27/200602/13/2023IDCStoryYesMalePeople Mgmt1) When are the times your team rose to the challenge of an audac
15Counting the SimpleIncreasing client contact with good, helpful people, increases sales198502/27/200602/13/2023IDCStoryYesFemaleMeasurement1) What metrics do you use to track success? 2) How do theses mea
16Taking the Wrong JobDoing something you don't like to do is not a way to move up198602/27/200602/13/2023IDCStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt1) What parts of your job do you like the most? the least? 2) Wha
17How to Work for a SonofabitchFiguratively go around to other's side of the table and get angry at the problem facing us, rather than each other.198702/27/200602/13/2023DBCStoryYesMalePeople Mgmt1) What bothers you about this story? What resonates? 2) What are
18Seven Hundred Names, One at a TimeGreat service is a relationship and its personal198702/27/200602/13/2023HomeStoryYesFemaleService1) What businesses have made you feel valued? What did they do th
19Service Legends IIExcellent service is legendary198702/27/200602/13/2023HomeStoryYesFemaleService1) What service stories have you told others about three or more
20The End of CodingFeature freeze, or the point at which all required features has been added to the system, is the mid-point of the development cycle, not the end-point198702/27/200602/13/2023DBCStoryYesFemaleProject Mgmt1) What are the steps required to launch new software in your org
21The Catered LunchTeam selected awards can be simple, inexpensive and powerful198902/27/200602/13/2023DBCStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt1) Would your organization allow such an award? Would you ask, or
22Ratchet up the productivitySetting action items ratchets up the productivity199002/27/200602/13/2023SharkStoryYesMalePeople Mgmt1) What are you doing to rachet up productivity on your team? 2)
24Rallying The Team To DieTeams can rally even to die199102/27/200602/13/2023DBCStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt,Downsizing1) Is reframing a bad situation "white-washing" it or an opportun
25The Case of the Serial NumbersPay attention to what doesn't feel right199102/27/200602/13/2023DBCStoryYesMaleValues,Ethics1) When you discover something that doesn't feel right in your or
26The Perfect Storm1) Back-up is only as good as the weakest link; 2) Insurance is something you buy before the disaster.199102/27/200601/25/2024SharkStoryYesMaleOperations Mgmt,Crisis Mgmt1) What is the weakest link in your computer systems? Are there a
27No Problem Identification Without RecommendationNo problem identification without recommendation199202/27/200602/13/2023SharkStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt1) What complain mode script have you heard regularly? 2) How wou
28Tell Me Three ThingsA problem is a learning experience199202/27/200602/13/2023SharkStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt1) What is the attitude in your team when problems occur? 2) What
31Beating the High ScoreKnowing what the prior team's score is makes an outstanding achievement possible199402/27/200602/13/2023HPMDStoryYesFemaleMeasurement,Operations Mgmt1) What are your teams top 3 indicators? 2) Does your team know w
32Doing a Hundred Little Things Significantly WellService is about doing 100 little things significantly well199402/27/200602/13/2023HPMDStoryYesFemaleService1) What are the best service encounters you have had? 2) Break it
34Ping Pong ThinkingIterative thinking builds an idea199502/27/200602/13/2023HPMDStoryYesMaleCommunication1) When have you had a discussion that rapidly builds ideas? Is i
35C-Level WorkOne man's c-level work is another's a-level199502/27/200602/13/2023HPMDStoryYesMalePeople Mgmt1) What assignments have you shied away from? Why? 2) Have you ev
36Saying No Without Saying NoWhen "saying no" is hard to do, defer (phase it)199502/27/200601/19/2024HPMDStoryYesFemaleProject Mgmt1) To increase project productivity, you need to navigate the iro
37Teams that don't keep scoreThose who don't keep score are only practicing199602/27/200603/28/2024HPMDStoryYesMaleMeasurement1) What are the ways your team keeps score? Do they have a say in

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