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Title Page
Cast of CharactersEvery story has a character or two
Hide details for Mission and VisionMission and Vision
When We Get Technology Right, More Kids Get FedTurn it around: When IT gets it right, more kids get fed.
The TruckOur #1 goal as nonprofit IT people is to move our missions forward
Michelangelo IIWith a vision, your work in always one in process
Becoming ItalianPay attention to when you come alive; and put yourself there
The Winter CoatThe folklore and humor of an organization often communicates its culture
Hide details for Managing People -- How to BeginManaging People -- How to Begin
First ImpressionsFirst impressions are lasting
We're Going to Be Great WritersPositive expectations are powerful
You Can Be Anything You Want To BeHave faith in your employees
The Catered LunchTeam selected awards can be simple, inexpensive and powerful
No Problem Identification Without RecommendationNo problem identification without recommendation
Why Don't Managers Act More Like Parents?Expect your people to do well and succeed
Signing UpMake a visible and specific commitment to reach the goal.
Rewrite Performance ReviewsCreate the process for the goal: motivating performance
Take me to the riverGoing to the river ain't for sight-seeing; it's for seeing the truth
The Bell RingerSometimes a personal quality is a better indicator than experience
The GrenadeDon't take the hand grenade problem; give it back
Hide details for StrategyStrategy
Draw a PictureWhen it comes to strategy, a picture is worth a thousand words
Draw Another PictureA drawing is worth a thousand words
The Secret to SuccessThe secret to success is getting started.
The Webcam and Being ThereWatch the next generation
Collaborating is Doing it TogetherIt's better doing it together and it's more compelling for your sponsors
Legacy Systems: Fish or Cut BaitLegacy systems mean falling behind

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