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Letters to a Young Manager

Service Legends II, #19
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Dear Sophie,
I love great service stories. Thanks for sharing yours.

Thirty years ago my fiancée (now ex) and I were planning an east coast wedding from California. Handling all the details from three time zones away was challenging, to say the least. The items we could do locally were a welcome relief.

We had gone to a nearby Nordstrom to get wedding bands made. I remember sketching out some ideas we had for the jewelry sales rep. She took careful notes and emailed us some designs from one of their jewelers. We picked some out, made a credit card deposit on the phone and told her to go ahead.

Two weeks later she called to say they were done. We suggested coming by on the weekend.
"No," she said, "I'll bring them to you this evening... because you have enough to worry about planning a wedding."

A retailer who makes house calls? We were stunned. And here thirty years later, I'm still telling the story. You can't buy that kind of marketing.
Best regards,


Excellent service is legendary

Discussion Questions:

1) What service stories have you told others about three or more times?
2) How did it make you feel about the company who delivered it?
3) Would you shop anywhere else?

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