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Hide details for    ( 75 Categories ) ( 75 Categories )
Hide details for Ambiguity   ( 1 Story )Ambiguity ( 1 Story )
571Edward HappNoThe Amazon InterviewIn an ambiguous situation, making sense of it starts with a conversation.
Hide details for Analysis   ( 2 Stories )Analysis ( 2 Stories )
482Edward HappNoWhat do you see?Pay attention to what's missing
484Edward HappNoDreamThe focus on all the moving parts can lose sight of the whole
Hide details for Bureaucracy   ( 3 Stories )Bureaucracy ( 3 Stories )
89Edward HappNoOne more time: What is Bureaucracy?Discussion paralysis is as insidious as analysis paralysis
391Edward HappNoThe CIA ManualBureaucracy can be sabotage in the guise of order
466Edward HappNoA Time Overhead RatioTo be innovative and entrepreneurial you need to spend most of your time executing and experimenting
Hide details for Careers   ( 7 Stories )Careers ( 7 Stories )
142Edward HappNoSWOT AnalysisKnow thyself and thy context: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
191Edward HappNoFive CareersCareers don't end; they change into something new
470Edward HappNoFourteen JobsWith so much change, what is your personal mission?
473Edward HappNoDrinking from the fire-hoseBeing overwhelmed is a sign you won't be bored in three months
507Edward HappNoDefaulting to ManagerThe economic reality will push top performers to management
554Edward HappNoThe Next Salary IncreaseSalary stops being the yardstick when your basic needs are met
555Edward HappNoHow do you pick your areaFirst ask what makes you come alive
Hide details for Change Mgmt   ( 11 Stories )Change Mgmt ( 11 Stories )
81Edward HappYesA Red-Button PartyWhen you find a problem, celebrate: it's an opportunity to ratchet up the quality
101Edward HappYes1,008 RejectionsPersistence pays
158Edward HappNoWho is your client?The expectations of service we have from others is the expectation we must have for ourselves
184Edward HappNoGood filters, clear waterStrategy is about choice: filtering in the yes, and out the no
246Edward HappNoThe Gas StationSometimes everyone and everything comes all at once
392Edward HappNoChange DenialChanging is a bit like dying (dying to the past)
486Edward HappNoThe Elephant and the RiderPay attention to the elephant
487Edward HappNoIf the Horse is DeadSometimes, change is not an option
553Edward HappNoThe work of change managementThe strength in asking for help
591Edward HappNoThe Truck IIA paradigm shift is looking at the problem in a new way, from a new frame of reference.
595Edward HappNoServers and ResiliencyPick your metaphors carefully

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