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0.4Edward HappNoChronologyEvery story has a setting
79Edward HappNoThe Telephone as an AnchorSystem adoption by anchoring to what is known
80Edward HappNoThere is no perfect softwareThere is no perfect software, but there is better recovery
83Edward HappNoI Don't Have ControlThe people who ultimately succeed are those who overcome the unforeseen
89Edward HappNoOne more time: What is Bureaucracy?Discussion paralysis is as insidious as analysis paralysis
90Edward HappNoPutting Pen to PaperSuggestions and demands without the thinking is just whining
96Edward HappNoHow far is your crystal ball?The art of prophecy is very difficult-- especially with respect to the future. --Mark Twain.
97Edward HappNoWine by IntimidationKnowledge and patience are bedfellows
98Edward HappNoLet's Go Shoot SomethingPart of strategy is learning by doing. Try something.
99Lee SteuberNoI Would Never Say ThatTelling the truth is courageous
100Lee SteuberNo3,500 Good IdeasIt takes a whole lot of creating for a single success
102Edward HappNoWhy are you working so hard?The work has meaning
103Edward HappNoSelf-directed Flex TimeChoosing work hours is something people highly value
104Edward HappNoWrite the AdMake mission mindshare
105Edward HappNoYou Won't Amount to AnythingNegative expectations are also powerful, and negative.
106Edward HappNoMoments of GraceGrace frees becoming
107Edward HappNoContribution and PotentialStars are people with high potential and high contribution. So are those with high potential only (newcomers) and high contribution only (seniors)
108Edward HappNoWho cares about prompts?Cool features on an old platform miss the boat
109Edward HappNoThe Marketing FunnelSales and Marketing is as much a numbers game as anything else
110Edward HappNoAll I do is attend meetingsThe Meetings are the Job
111Edward HappNoYour work portfolioReserve time for the strategic
113Edward HappNoProject AutopsiesUncover the lessons learned
114Edward HappNoI just lower my standardsDo it; don't worry about it!
115Edward HappNoWhy didn't you use some strategy?When things are going wrong; strategy is not the answer
117Edward HappNoStick with the processTrust your process
118Edward HappNoThe New DirectorGive the new leader his head
119Edward HappNoCollaborateCollaboration is a whole that is more thn the sum of the parts
122Edward HappNoWork for a company your parents would be proud ofCreate a team in which everyone can take pride
125Edward HappNoFalling in love with a technologyLove is blinding

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