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Hide details for Ambiguity   ( 1 Story )Ambiguity ( 1 Story )
571Edward Happ09/27/2022UMSINoThe Amazon InterviewIn an ambiguous situation, making sense of it starts with a conversation.1.1
Hide details for Analysis   ( 3 Stories )Analysis ( 3 Stories )
310Edward Happ12/15/2011LotusNoHere's the pageAnticipate the questions2.1
482Edward Happ10/07/2017UMSINoWhat do you see?Pay attention to what's missing2.2
484Edward Happ10/07/2017UMSINoDreamThe focus on all the moving parts can lose sight of the whole2.3
Hide details for Architecture   ( 1 Story )Architecture ( 1 Story )
236Edward Happ02/04/2008STCNoPlug compatibleFor architecture, you need to understand the plugs3.1
Hide details for Budget Mgmt   ( 4 Stories )Budget Mgmt ( 4 Stories )
53Edward Happ02/27/2006STCYesCreating an Internal Capital BudgetInvestment funds created out of operations are the easiest to get approved4.1
185Edward Happ10/21/2006STCYesFive ways to create budgetYou can stretch what you have4.2
194Edward Happ12/05/2006STCNoEvergreenDon't fall victim to the winter of obsolescence4.3
578Edward Happ11/10/2022IFRCNoDownsizingA downsizing is more than a budget and staff cut4.4
Hide details for Bureaucracy   ( 8 Stories )Bureaucracy ( 8 Stories )
73Edward Happ02/27/2006STCYesTaking work out of the systemTake work out of the system: reduce the hand-offs and approvals to the bare minimum5.1
89Edward Happ02/27/2006STCNoOne more time: What is Bureaucracy?Discussion paralysis is as insidious as analysis paralysis5.2
144Edward Happ05/09/2006STCNoBureaucracyBureaucracy demotivates5.3
367Edward Happ07/23/2016IFRCNoThe Chain of CommandThe chain of command chokes creativity and free flow of ideas5.4
391Edward Happ10/08/2016IFRCNoThe CIA ManualBureaucracy can be sabotage in the guise of order5.5
428Edward Happ11/03/2016LisbonYesOrbiting the HairballOrbit, don't fly off or get sucked in5.6
466Edward Happ07/11/2017OCHANoA Time Overhead RatioTo be innovative and entrepreneurial you need to spend most of your time executing and experimenting5.7
493Edward Happ11/11/2017FairfieldYesAll That JazzInvite shaking up the status quo5.8
Hide details for Careers   ( 10 Stories )Careers ( 10 Stories )
142Edward Happ05/06/2006HPMDNoSWOT AnalysisKnow thyself and thy context: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats6.1
191Edward Happ12/04/2006STCNoFive CareersCareers don't end; they change into something new6.2
382Edward Happ08/20/2016DrewYesI love to draw planesDo what you love before the next step on the success ladder6.3
470Edward Happ07/18/2017UMSINoFourteen JobsWith so much change, what is your personal mission?6.4
472Edward Happ08/01/2017UMSIYesWhat do I need to do to get a job?Build your story a credential at a time6.5
473Edward Happ08/01/2017HPMDNoDrinking from the fire-hoseBeing overwhelmed is a sign you won't be bored in three months6.6
507Edward Happ09/08/2022UMSINoDefaulting to ManagerThe economic reality will push top performers to management6.7

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