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Letters to a Young Manager

Cast of Characters, #0.6
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Dear Reader,
The following are the characters of the letter dialogs:

Adam is 26 and lives in a Latin American country. He works for the regional office of a large International nonprofit organization.  He graduated the top school in his country with the equivalent of a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He is a Microsoft and Cisco certified engineer.  He has been a programmer for four years and has been a team lead on some recent projects. He is faster and more accurate than all his developer colleagues.  He's a bit of an engineering purist. He recently received a promotion to supervisor in the IT department for a group of three developers.  This is his first management assignment. 

Sophie is 26 and lives in the US. She works at the west coast office of a large financial services company.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in history from a top state school, and holds a Project Management Institute (PMI) certificate.  She has been a project manager for four years and has led project teams for the past year.  She is thorough and process oriented, believing her success is due to relentless follow-up on process. She's a perfectionist. She was  recently promoted to supervisor of three project team leaders in IT. This is her first management assignment.

Ed is a retired Global CIO from a large international organization.  He started work as a programmer in an investment bank and led consulting teams and IT departments in the US in the financial services and nonprofit sectors. He has 38 years of IT-related management experience and was in the CIO role for 17 of those years. He now teaches at a Big-10 school in the Midwest.
Sincerely yours,



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