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305Lima BeansCulture is the folklore196207/20/201106/20/2023West BabylonStoryYesStories,Corporate Culture
388The Young NavigatorTranslate into your audiences' frames of reference196209/23/201610/27/2023West BabylonStoryYesCommunication
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2We're Going to Be Great WritersPositive expectations are powerful196502/27/200602/13/2023SmithtownStoryYesPeople Mgmt
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1First ImpressionsFirst impressions are lasting196711/20/201602/13/2023SmithtownStoryYesPeople Mgmt
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3Draw a PictureWhen it comes to strategy, a picture is worth a thousand words196911/20/201602/13/2023SmithtownStoryYesStrategy
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4You Can Be Anything You Want To BeHave faith in your employees197011/20/201602/13/2023SmithtownStoryYesPeople Mgmt
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382I love to draw planesDo what you love before the next step on the success ladder197408/20/201605/26/2020DrewStoryYesValues,Leadership,Careers
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112Talking your way through to the answerDialog often clarifies thinking better than thinking alone197504/10/200611/29/2023DrewStoryYesStrategy,Process Mgmt,Conversation
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461The Winter CoatThe folklore and humor of an organization often communicates its culture197704/27/201709/15/2022FBCStoryYesCulture
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5Assemble the ComponentsAssembly is easier and faster than creating from scratch197802/27/200610/19/2023FBCStoryYesProject Mgmt
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6Leave your SignatureStyle matters; leave your signature197902/27/200610/19/2023FBCStoryYesChange Mgmt,People Mgmt,Quality
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7Technology Without the TechnologySpeak technology in nontechnical terms198102/27/200602/13/2023IDCStoryYesCommunication,Metaphor
8Time, Process and PeopleThe tighter the time frame the less concern for process and people198102/27/200602/13/2023IDCStoryYesLeadership
9The Lego's LessonLeadership is situational198102/27/200602/13/2023IDCStoryYesLeadership,People Mgmt,Training
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10The Conservation of TypingDon't forget that computing is about taking work out of the system!198202/27/200602/13/2023IDCStoryYesProject Mgmt
11Letting GoDelegating means delegating ownership and letting go198210/07/201803/01/2023IDCStoryYesPeople Mgmt
460The Bell RingerSometimes a personal quality is a better indicator than experience198204/17/201701/03/2023IDCStoryYesSales,Persistence
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