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298NoStone SoupWhat are you building?
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0.4NoChronologyEvery story has a setting
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1YesFirst ImpressionsFirst impressions are lasting
2YesWe're Going to Be Great WritersPositive expectations are powerful
3Carol HeitnerYesDraw a PictureWhen it comes to strategy, a picture is worth a thousand words
4Mrs. MandrakiaYesYou Can Be Anything You Want To BeHave faith in your employees
5YesAssemble the ComponentsAssembly is easier and faster than creating from scratch
6YesLeave your SignatureStyle matters; leave your signature
7YesTechnology Without the TechnologySpeak technology in nontechnical terms
8YesTime, Process and PeopleThe tighter the time frame the less concern for process and people
9YesThe Lego's LessonLeadership is situational
10Brian KernighanYesThe Conservation of TypingDon't forget that computing is about taking work out of the system!
11YesLetting GoDelegating means delegating ownership and letting go
12YesWhat's the Next Step? People work harder, and take pride in, achieving new levels, even if "in place"
13YesBuild the ThrowawayBuild a prototype to meet a basic need; embellish later
14YesThe Wine BetAn audacious goal is powerful
15YesCounting the SimpleIncreasing client contact with good, helpful people, increases sales
16YesTaking the Wrong JobDoing something you don't like to do is not a way to move up
17YesHow to Work for a SonofabitchFiguratively go around to other's side of the table and get angry at the problem facing us, rather than each other.
18David @NCCYesSeven Hundred Names, One at a TimeGreat service is a relationship and its personal
19YesService Legends IIExcellent service is legendary
20YesThe End of CodingFeature freeze, or the point at which all required features has been added to the system, is the mid-point of the development cycle, not the end-point
21YesThe Catered LunchTeam selected awards can be simple, inexpensive and powerful
22Doug SmithYesRatchet up the productivitySetting action items ratchets up the productivity

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