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26The Perfect Storm1) Back-up is only as good as the weakest link; 2) Insurance is something you buy before the disaster.199102/27/200601/25/2024SharkStoryYesMaleOperations Mgmt,Crisis Mgmt1) What is the weakest link in your computer systems? Are there a
64The Knowledge is in the Doing50% of what you need to know is in the doing200402/27/200602/13/2023STCStoryYesFemaleProject Mgmt1) Why can some people visualize a solution and some can't? Is th
504Selling the PlumbingA CIO must be chief translator and facile with a metaphor201803/24/201801/03/2023UMSIStoryYesMaleCommunication,Metaphor1. What examples have you heard used in technical presentations t
578DownsizingA downsizing is more than a budget and staff cut201511/10/202201/18/2024IFRCStoryYesMaleBudget Mgmt,Finance,Downsizing1. Have you or someone you know been through a downsizing before?
46Draw Another PictureA drawing is worth a thousand words200002/27/200606/15/2023STCStoryYesFemaleStrategy1) Can you draw your IT strategy on a single page? Does this forc
290A tale of two choirsA leader brings out the hidden talents200912/25/200911/21/2016St FrancisStoryYesFemaleLeadership1) When have you experienced a good leader or teacher who brought
23Hire Somebody, Fire Somebody And Reorganize SomebodyA new manager has a license to change; use it quickly199101/03/202301/05/2023DBCStoryYesMalePeople Mgmt1) Was the Chevron president's approach excessive? Why or why not
28Tell Me Three ThingsA problem is a learning experience199202/27/200602/13/2023SharkStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt1) What is the attitude in your team when problems occur? 2) What
40The Dinner InvitationA project is a partnership is a relationship200002/27/200602/13/2023St. FrancisStoryYesFemaleProject Mgmt1) What would indicate customer delight for your customers? 2) Ha
220Playing with toysA sense of play is more adult than you think198409/24/200709/27/2022IDCStoryYesMalePeople Mgmt1) How would you create an outside-the-box interview experience?
234San AntonioA simple story can communicate a rich strategic vision200701/17/200801/08/2023NetHopeStoryYesMaleStrategy,Vision,Stories1) What are the stories you hear told about your organization? 2)
278The ScreamA smart decision from one perspective may be failure from another's.200910/07/201801/25/2024STCStoryYesMaleCrisis Mgmt1) What are some of the basic costs in your organization? For exa
314The Student and the MegaphoneA strong voice can give voice to the whispering201212/08/201211/21/2016IFRCStoryYesFemaleLeadership1) What if your organization were to give greater voice to the sm
14The Wine BetAn audacious goal is powerful198502/27/200602/13/2023IDCStoryYesMalePeople Mgmt1) When are the times your team rose to the challenge of an audac
498The SimexAn immersion experience can teach the teachers201712/16/201707/28/2020NetHopeStoryYesMaleLeadership,Training,Strategy,Crisis1. have you run a SimEx in your organization? 2. Do you have a di
150The rising star and the problem employeeAn over-concern for the problem employee is an under-concern for the rising star198705/21/200605/18/2017DBCStoryYesMaleLeadership,People Mgmt1) Who are the stars on your team? 2) What are you doing to make
33Anticipating TastesAnticipate your stakeholder needs199410/07/201901/22/2024HPMDStoryYesFemaleService1) Can you listen without any speaking? How do you suppose the ch
556The PassportApproach your hosts with beginner's mind202109/16/202204/19/2023EMUStoryYesFemaleCulture1. Have you ever been annoyed that a vendor from another country
567Dat?Ask dat? And be open for a surprise199506/04/202211/20/2023HPMDStoryYesMaleCuriosity,Innovation1. How many experiments are you running this month? 2. When someo
379Learning to Love the QuestionsAsk what questions the system will answer201608/18/201608/25/2017IFRCStoryYesMaleProject Mgmt1. What are the questions you cannot answer today, or are difficu
5Assemble the ComponentsAssembly is easier and faster than creating from scratch197802/27/200610/19/2023FBCStoryYesMaleProject Mgmt1) How can you break large problems into smaller parts? 2) In wha
87More Impersonal than an ATMBad service is also legendary199502/27/200602/13/2023HPMDStoryYesFemaleService1) What horror stories about bad service have you heard or experi
500Needle in the HaystackBe able to state what's most important among the many is liberating and empowering201002/01/201801/03/2023IFRCStoryYesMaleGoals,Measurement1. How many objectives does your organization set each year? How
528"Between" PeopleBeing a chief translator is a valuable skill for most business201909/16/202201/06/2023UMSIStoryYesFemaleCommunication,Project Mgmt,Careers1. How do you like to spend your time, all coding and analysis, a
162The Big UmbrellaBig vision, small strategy200606/20/200601/03/2018STCStoryYesFemaleStrategy1) Have you had the experience of having your strategy grow with
542Acts of KindnessBrainstorm kind surprises202109/16/202201/03/2023UMSIStoryYesMaleValues,Service1. What random acts of kindness have you experienced in the workp
13Build the ThrowawayBuild a prototype to meet a basic need; embellish later198402/27/200611/20/2023IDCStoryYesFemaleProject Mgmt,Innovation1) Michael Schrage , MIT Professor, says that "Effective prototyp
472What do I need to do to get a job?Build your story a credential at a time201708/01/201706/15/2023UMSIStoryYesFemaleCareers1. Were the exercises useful or not? Why or why not? 2. What expe
121Live with it for a whileChange can be evolution rather than revolution199005/03/202201/10/2024StamfordStoryYesFemaleProcess Mgmt,Change Mgmt1. How have you or your organization handled reorganizing? 2. How
59Change the BoxChange the box; don't take "black box" processes as a given200302/27/200602/13/2023STCStoryYesMaleProcess Mgmt1) What process steps will you change in your current or next pro

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