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Letters to a Young Manager

The Student and the Megaphone, #314
LTYM > Leadership and Values

Dear Sophie,
I recall a young student who was asked by the teacher to make a presentation to the class. He was smaller than the rest and spoke with a very soft voice. The rest of the class had difficulty hearing him. One of the older and taller students stood up, walked to the front of the class and standing by his side, gave him a megaphone so he could be heard by all. It was a good presentation and everyone benefitted.

What that taller student did was give voice to the whispering. When we stand up for those who are weaker in our organizations and communities, that's what we are doing. We are becoming Chief Amplifiers. And it is this role that in so important to leadership. Why? Because it is often the ideas from the far reaches of our organizations that have the possibility of becoming the really big ideas for the future.


A strong voice can give voice to the whispering

Discussion Questions:

1) What if your organization were to give greater voice to the small ideas?
2) What are you doing to become a "Chief Amplifier"?
3) What can you do to discover the good ideas in the far reaches of your organization and harvest for the good of all?

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