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Letters to a Young Manager; vwBook

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Legacy Systems: Fish or Cut Bait
Don't Bet Against the Network
Giving Back is Strategic
Watch Your Kids
An Extra Day of Work
Which Technology is Strategic?
The Big Umbrella
San Antonio
The Frog and the Train
The Big Rocks
Hide details for 4. Managing People II4. Managing People II
The Lego's Lesson
Letting Go
What's the Next Step?
The Wine Bet
Taking the Wrong Job
How to Work for a Sonofabitch
Ratchet up the productivity
Hire Somebody, Fire Somebody And Reorganize Somebody
Rallying The Team To Die
Tell Me Three Things
C-Level Work
Letting Go II
Strengths, not weaknesses
Perfection and Procrastination
Accomplishing goals through others
A sense of accomplishment

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