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#Sorted descendingAuthor#Title
999Edward HappMean Time to Story Failure
529Edward HappCyclone Nargis
528Edward Happ"Between" People
515Edward HappLooking right, looking left
514Edward HappSelling Relief Goods
510Edward HappSoft Skills
504Edward HappSelling the Plumbing
500Edward HappNeedle in the Haystack
498Edward HappThe Simex
493Edward HappAll That Jazz
490Edward HappTexting in the Bush
488Edward HappPasta or Pastry?
480Edward HappLoma Prieta
475Edward HappWhere were you?
472Edward HappWhat do I need to do to get a job?
461Edward HappThe Coat
460Edward HappThe Bell Ringer
455Edward HappThe Coat Hook
454Edward HappThe Parade
444Edward HappSources
436Edward Happ36 Factors of Delight
435Edward HappSpinning Gold
432Edward HappHow many royals lost their heads?
428Edward HappOrbiting the Hairball
427Edward HappDiversity
426Edward HappBoi Cavalo
416Edward HappDouble the Estimate
414Edward HappExpectations
390Edward HappSelling the Dashboard
389Edward HappGoodnight Opus

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