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572The Cost of TrainingTraining is a key part of your budget202210/11/202211/28/2023AdvisorStoryYesFemaleProject Mgmt,Training1) What percent of revenue does your organization budget for trai
455The Coat HookWhat you learn will stick, if you are persistent and persevere.201703/15/201701/03/2023Ann ArborStoryYesFemaleValues,Metaphor1. What are the things you remember from your last class or semin
488Pasta or Pastry?Is it a pastry or a pasta problem?201110/07/201710/07/2018BellagioStoryYesMaleProject Mgmt,Strategy1. Which projects have you experienced where information was lack
243A Tree in Zaire"But just to ask us who we think we are"200805/10/200801/08/2023Cap GeminiStoryYesMaleLeadership,Vision,Stories1) Who are we in this story and why? a) Are we the man with the a
189Decision Theory and Hard ChoicesFlip a Coin, but don't look200611/14/200608/14/2017CWRUStoryYesMaleProcess Mgmt,Decision-making1) What are some of the decisions you faced for which the calcula
432How many royals lost their heads?The Internet generation thought process is different200811/19/201611/30/2016DartmouthStoryYesFemaleProblem Solving,People Mgmt1) How many sources did the teenager mention? 2) How many of thes
529Cyclone NargisSupply chain is about getting the goods to point of need200809/16/202201/25/2024DartmouthStoryYesFemaleCrisis Mgmt1. Consider the logistics art of your disaster response plan? Do
349Becoming ItalianPay attention to when you come alive; and put yourself there200804/28/202311/14/2023DartmouthStoryYesFemaleVision,creativity1) When are the times you most come alive? What happens to your t
20The End of CodingFeature freeze, or the point at which all required features has been added to the system, is the mid-point of the development cycle, not the end-point198702/27/200602/13/2023DBCStoryYesFemaleProject Mgmt1) What are the steps required to launch new software in your org
85House Calls For Kids ShoesExceptional service becomes legendary, it gets retold and retold and retold.198602/27/200610/27/2023DBCStoryYesFemaleService1) Are there any businesses or services for which you are a custo
21The Catered LunchTeam selected awards can be simple, inexpensive and powerful198902/27/200602/13/2023DBCStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt1) Would your organization allow such an award? Would you ask, or
24Rallying The Team To DieTeams can rally even to die199102/27/200602/13/2023DBCStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt,Downsizing1) Is reframing a bad situation "white-washing" it or an opportun
25The Case of the Serial NumbersPay attention to what doesn't feel right199102/27/200602/13/2023DBCStoryYesMaleValues,Ethics1) When you discover something that doesn't feel right in your or
17How to Work for a SonofabitchFiguratively go around to other's side of the table and get angry at the problem facing us, rather than each other.198702/27/200602/13/2023DBCStoryYesMalePeople Mgmt1) What bothers you about this story? What resonates? 2) What are
416Double the EstimateIf project time is difficult to estimate, make it time-fixed198310/27/201609/27/2022DBCStoryYesFemaleProject Mgmt1) What are the methods you have used for estimating a project? W
150The rising star and the problem employeeAn over-concern for the problem employee is an under-concern for the rising star198705/21/200605/18/2017DBCStoryYesMaleLeadership,People Mgmt1) Who are the stars on your team? 2) What are you doing to make
480Loma PrietaWhen the ground moves, hang on198910/07/201710/07/2019DBCStoryYesFemaleCrisis1. What larger crises or disasters have you or your colleagues ex
562Criticize in PrivateTo build team trust, praise in public; criticize in private198809/16/202201/08/2023DBCStoryYesMalePeople Mgmt1. Have you seen or experienced public criticism? How do the indi
23Hire Somebody, Fire Somebody And Reorganize SomebodyA new manager has a license to change; use it quickly199101/03/202301/05/2023DBCStoryYesMalePeople Mgmt1) Was the Chevron president's approach excessive? Why or why not
112Talking your way through to the answerDialog often clarifies thinking better than thinking alone197504/10/200611/29/2023DrewStoryYesMaleStrategy,Process Mgmt,Conversation1. Have you been part of an engaging conversation that clarified
382I love to draw planesDo what you love before the next step on the success ladder197408/20/201605/26/2020DrewStoryYesMaleValues,Leadership,Careers1. What are the things you do that give you energy, that make you
116A reunion lesson about stressReduce stress by giving people control over their work198904/30/200602/13/2023DrewStoryYesMalePeople Mgmt
556The PassportApproach your hosts with beginner's mind202109/16/202204/19/2023EMUStoryYesFemaleCulture1. Have you ever been annoyed that a vendor from another country
493All That JazzInvite shaking up the status quo200811/11/201712/20/2021FairfieldStoryYesMaleMetaphor,Leadership,Bureaucracy,Improv1) In a brainstorming session, what happens when an idea is sugge
5Assemble the ComponentsAssembly is easier and faster than creating from scratch197802/27/200610/19/2023FBCStoryYesMaleProject Mgmt1) How can you break large problems into smaller parts? 2) In wha
6Leave your SignatureStyle matters; leave your signature197902/27/200610/19/2023FBCStoryYesMaleChange Mgmt,People Mgmt,Quality1) What elements of style have you left imprinted on your work? O
461The Winter CoatThe folklore and humor of an organization often communicates its culture197704/27/201709/15/2022FBCStoryYesMaleCulture1. What stories are repeated at your organization? What is their
19Service Legends IIExcellent service is legendary198702/27/200602/13/2023HomeStoryYesFemaleService1) What service stories have you told others about three or more
18Seven Hundred Names, One at a TimeGreat service is a relationship and its personal198702/27/200602/13/2023HomeStoryYesFemaleService1) What businesses have made you feel valued? What did they do th
389Goodnight OpusDepart from the text199809/23/201611/20/2023HomeStoryYesFemaleStories1) What stories do you remember most from your childhood? 2) What

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