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291The Big RocksTo be strategic, you need to put the big rocks in first201007/04/201109/27/2022NetHopeStoryYesFemaleStrategy1) What are the Big Rocks in your department? in your organizatio
62Giving Back is StrategicPhilanthropy is more than citizenship or retention; it's strategic development200402/27/200602/13/2023STCStoryYesFemaleStrategy1) How are you helping to create meaning for your team? 2) What d
247The Bump Into FactorPut the new in the middle of the path200206/02/200810/27/2023STCStoryYesFemaleCommunication1) What is the one thing you want everyone on your team to know?
20The End of CodingFeature freeze, or the point at which all required features has been added to the system, is the mid-point of the development cycle, not the end-point198702/27/200602/13/2023DBCStoryYesFemaleProject Mgmt1) What are the steps required to launch new software in your org
40The Dinner InvitationA project is a partnership is a relationship200002/27/200602/13/2023St. FrancisStoryYesFemaleProject Mgmt1) What would indicate customer delight for your customers? 2) Ha
388The Young NavigatorTranslate into your audiences' frames of reference196209/23/201610/27/2023West BabylonStoryYesFemaleCommunication1) has this new situation happened before? 2) Is this like someth
288The Frog and the TrainIf you don't move, you get hit by the train200912/21/200911/21/2016STCStoryYesFemaleChange Mgmt,Strategy1) What would you do: Call a train a train? Look before you leap?
143Bowling and CurtainsWith a good scoreboard, you don't need feedback from a manager198305/08/200603/29/2024IDCStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt,Measurement1) How close is the game of bowling to doing projects or other wo
426Boi CavaloPush the edge and watch your customers react201611/03/201611/20/2023SabbaticalStoryYesFemaleStrategy,Innovation1) What are the risks of testing new things on your customers? Wh
296The TruckOur #1 goal as nonprofit IT people is to move our missions forward200807/04/201110/27/2023NetHopeStoryYesFemaleVision1) Can you state how each of your projects contributes to the mis
85House Calls For Kids ShoesExceptional service becomes legendary, it gets retold and retold and retold.198602/27/200610/27/2023DBCStoryYesFemaleService1) Are there any businesses or services for which you are a custo
51That Was a Good MeetingWithout specific action items, the meeting was a waste of time.200102/27/200602/13/2023STCStoryYesFemaleProcess Mgmt1) What was the worst meeting you ever attended? Why? 2) What was
1011,008 RejectionsPersistence pays199803/09/200606/04/2024HPMDStoryYesFemaleChange Mgmt,People Mgmt,Quality,Persistence1. How do you feel after a failure? What do you do about it? 2. D
342Morning StarKnow where your true north is and you will never be lost201605/03/201610/27/2023IFRCStoryYesFemaleValues1) Have you sometimes lost your way and were worried which way to
48The Secret to SuccessThe secret to success is getting started.200011/20/201611/21/2016STCStoryYesFemaleStrategy1) How would you describe your company's or department's strategy
8Time, Process and PeopleThe tighter the time frame the less concern for process and people198102/27/200602/13/2023IDCStoryYesFemaleLeadership1) Can you point to examples where tight deadlines lost the team?
28Tell Me Three ThingsA problem is a learning experience199202/27/200602/13/2023SharkStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt1) What is the attitude in your team when problems occur? 2) What
55Legacy Systems: Fish or Cut BaitLegacy systems mean falling behind200202/27/200602/08/2024STCStoryYesFemaleStrategy1) Which of your organization's systems are holding you back? 2)
21The Catered LunchTeam selected awards can be simple, inexpensive and powerful198902/27/200602/13/2023DBCStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt1) Would your organization allow such an award? Would you ask, or
27No Problem Identification Without RecommendationNo problem identification without recommendation199202/27/200602/13/2023SharkStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt1) What complain mode script have you heard regularly? 2) How wou
155ClipboardsWatching people use the technology is worth a thousand spec's199506/17/200611/20/2016HPMDStoryYesFemaleProject Mgmt,Service,Design1) What users have you asked to observe doing their jobs? 2) How
24Rallying The Team To DieTeams can rally even to die199102/27/200602/13/2023DBCStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt,Downsizing1) Is reframing a bad situation "white-washing" it or an opportun
162The Big UmbrellaBig vision, small strategy200606/20/200601/03/2018STCStoryYesFemaleStrategy1) Have you had the experience of having your strategy grow with
71The Benefits of PainThe pain of change needs to be less than the pain of the status quo200502/27/200611/20/2023STCStoryYesFemaleProcess Mgmt,Change Mgmt1. Has your team experienced resistance to change? How did you ov
330Michelangelo IIWith a vision, your work in always one in process201411/09/201402/08/2024NetHopeStoryYesFemaleLeadership,Creativity1) What great art, music, painting, sculpture, poetry, makes you
19Service Legends IIExcellent service is legendary198702/27/200602/13/2023HomeStoryYesFemaleService1) What service stories have you told others about three or more
132The ScoreboardObjectives and metrics are about putting points on the board!198805/05/200603/29/2024DBCStoryYesFemaleMeasurement1) Do you know, on a continuing basis, how you are doing in your
56Firing and ValuesIT has the keys, but can't look200302/27/200602/13/2023STCStoryYesFemalePeople Mgmt1) What are some other breaches, where termination is the right r
227Hearing the callGet your name out among people, then listen for the echo200711/18/200708/14/2017STCStoryYesFemaleCommunication1) What are some of the "boats" that have come your way? Did you
87More Impersonal than an ATMBad service is also legendary199502/27/200602/13/2023HPMDStoryYesFemaleService1) What horror stories about bad service have you heard or experi

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