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0271987Carlzon, JanMoments of Truth
0281987Carlzon, JanMoments of Truth
0291987Carlzon, JanMoments of Truth
0301990Sewell, CarlCustomers for Life
0311987Hawken, PaulGrowing a Business
032December 1, 2003Brent SleeperSix Tips for SOA Design
0339/30/95Happ, EdGoal of Customer Service
101Fritz, JerryValue of a Strong Customer Service Culture
1021987Peters, TomThriving on Chaos
1031987Peters, TomThriving on Chaos
1041989Zemke, Ron with Dick SchaafThe Service Edge
1061987Hawken, PaulGrowing a Business
1073/18/92Happ, EdThe Case of the Cajun Popcorn
10812/31/95Happ, EdTour Guide, Senator and Cheer leader
1093/96Nelson, BobAsset Appreciation
11010/5/98Drucker, PeterManagement's New Paradigms
1119/20/99Reingold , Jennifer with Diane BradyBrain Drain
11212/31/95Happ, EdYour Car Will be Ready at Noon
1131983Simon, PaulHearts & Bones
1149/30/95Happ, EdWhat's Strategy?
1151995Cotton, JimDirty Little Secrets
116Watson, Hugh, etal.Executive Information Systems
117Shapiro, EileenThat "Vision Thing"
1181993Birnbaum, BillAre You a Horizontal or a Vertical Consultant?
119Happ, EdPerfection and Procrastination
120October 4, 2004Rita HeiseManaging the Organizational Impact of Global Operations
1216/7/93LaPlante, AliceRightsizing Angst
122VoltaireThe best is the enemy of the good
2011987Peters, TomThriving on Chaos
20212/31/95Happ, EdHouse calls for kids shoes

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