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316AnonymousA person who stops studying
0164/25/95Birnbaum, BillBeginning Consulting
1181993Birnbaum, BillAre You a Horizontal or a Vertical Consultant?
001June 11, 2002Bossidy, Larry,Charan Ram, and Burck, Charles Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done
032December 1, 2003Brent SleeperSix Tips for SOA Design
327Bryant, Kobe
31110/10/05Buckingham, MarcusHow HR Can Be "Actively Harmful"
0281987Carlzon, JanMoments of Truth
0271987Carlzon, JanMoments of Truth
0291987Carlzon, JanMoments of Truth
326Carroll, LewisPoor memory
324Carroll, LewisBegin at the beginning
325Carroll, LewisAlice's Adventures in Wonderland & Though the Looking Glass
020June, 2002Chet HuberDetroit Muscle
330Christie, AgathaThe secret of getting ahead
32212/14/07Clark, JohnTo inspire action
1151995Cotton, JimDirty Little Secrets
3217/6/07Cringeley, Robert X.Automobiles and computers
001Drucker, PeterDoing the right things
11010/5/98Drucker, PeterManagement's New Paradigms
309Spring, 1995Finney, Paul BurnhamPaying the Price of being Perfect
308Spring, 1995Finney, Paul BurnhamPaying the Price of being Perfect
101Fritz, JerryValue of a Strong Customer Service Culture
3231/4/08Gide, André Discovery
307Aug. 8, 1994Griesing, DavidQuality: How to Make It Pay
30612/31/95Happ, EdThe One Stop OK
1149/30/95Happ, EdWhat's Strategy?
0129/30/95Happ, EdInformed Decisions
0339/30/95Happ, EdGoal of Customer Service
0109/30/95Happ, EdLeadership and the Organizational Puzzle

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