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Hide details for 1995 Volume 1 Issue 11995 Volume 1 Issue 1
1.In This IssueEd Happ06/26/199510/12/1996 04:31 PMEd Happ7
2.Meet the PartnersCarolyn Lee06/26/199502/03/2000 09:08 AMEdward Granger-Happ33
3.ScoreboardingEd Happ06/26/199510/12/1996 04:31 PMEd Happ17
4.Five Disaster Recovery LessonsSteve Happ06/26/199510/12/1996 04:31 PMEd Happ19
5.Recent Interesting ProjectsSteve Happ06/26/199510/12/1996 04:31 PMEd Happ6
6.How To Contact UsEd Happ06/26/199510/12/1996 04:31 PMEd Happ6
Hide details for 1996 Volume 2 Issue 11996 Volume 2 Issue 1
1.In This IssueEd Happ10/10/199610/12/1996 04:31 PMEd Happ13
2.An Interview with the Partners, IICarolyn Lee10/10/199606/17/2006 07:08 PMEdward Granger-Happ47
3.Service in the Public SchoolMike Kelley, Ed Happ10/10/199609/08/1999 10:29 AMEd Happ59
4.A Scorecard on the NetEd Happ10/10/199610/12/1996 04:44 PMEd Happ21
5.Intranet Applications using Notes and DominoSteve Happ10/10/199610/12/1996 04:44 PMEd Happ21
6.Recent Interesting ProjectsSteve Happ10/10/199610/12/1996 04:44 PMEd Happ10
7.Employee Rewards - an inexpensive prospectSteve Happ10/10/199611/21/1996 04:12 PMEd Happ12
9.How To Contact UsEd Happ10/10/199610/26/1998 04:38 PMEd Happ11
Hide details for 1998 Volume 3 Issue 11998 Volume 3 Issue 1
1.In This IssueRichard Blythe10/14/199810/21/1998 12:24 PMEd Happ24
2.IT Strategy: A Healthcare PerspectiveRichard Blythe10/02/199810/26/1998 05:35 PMEd Happ53
8.Reprint InquiriesEd Happ10/26/199810/26/1998 05:00 PMEd Happ17
9.How To Contact UsEd Happ10/26/199810/26/1998 04:43 PMEd Happ14
Hide details for 1998 Volume 3 Issue 21998 Volume 3 Issue 2
1.One Page Report - 11/98Richard Blythe11/06/199802/19/1999 03:23 PMEd Happ27
Hide details for 1999 Volume 4 Issue 11999 Volume 4 Issue 1
1.One Page Report - 2/99Richard Blythe02/03/199902/19/1999 03:23 PMEd Happ27
Hide details for Future ArticlesFuture Articles
0.HPMD Masthead (blank article)Ed Happ10/10/199610/12/1996 04:49 PMEd Happ22
2.Grading the DepartmentEd Happ10/12/199610/12/1996 04:45 PMEd Happ1
3.Service GaffesEd Happ02/16/199610/12/1996 04:45 PMEd Happ3
6.Keeping ScoreEd Happ, Steve Happ, Bob Jones11/15/199610/15/1996 07:40 AMEd Happ1

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