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Letters to a Young Manager

Morning Star, #342
LTYM > Leadership and Values

Dear Adam,
Hear is a story of adventure and losing your way.

There was a young man who lived all his life in the village surrounded by mountains where he was born. All the people and ways of the village were familiar to him. 

But as a young heart is wont to do, he set out one day with some water and bread, for a hike to see what was on the other side. He crossed streams, slogged through mud, cut through vines and briar. Eventually he came to the edge of the forest where the rocks rose up around him, and the climbing was rough. 

Not to be deterred, he pressed on. Near nightfall, he made it to the top where a small cabin awaited him. Putting down his pack, he turned slowly in all directions to see if he could see his village or any village. But he could not. 

He knew that the next morning he would need to go back thru all the trials he had to get him here or press on to the unknown. But he did not know the way. He awoke early before the sun and walked outside where he saw a familiar bright morning star that seemed to say to him, come this way, whether to the next village or to home. And so he set out again confident that he was headed in the right direction 
Best regards,


Know where your true north is and you will never be lost

Discussion Questions:

1) Have you sometimes lost your way and were worried which way to go?
2) What were the "markers" in your life, that said "this way"?
3) Did the young man return home or to the next village and why?

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