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Hide details for    ( 1 Story ) ( 1 Story )
464Edward HappNoHappy EdImmediate feedback feels great
Hide details for Analysis   ( 1 Story )Analysis ( 1 Story )
310Edward HappNoHere's the pageAnticipate the questions
Hide details for Architecture   ( 1 Story )Architecture ( 1 Story )
236Edward HappNoPlug compatibleFor architecture, you need to understand the plugs
Hide details for Budget Mgmt   ( 2 Stories )Budget Mgmt ( 2 Stories )
185Edward HappYesFive ways to create budgetYou can stretch what you have
194Edward HappNoEvergreenDon't fall victim to the winter of obsolescence
Hide details for Careers   ( 1 Story )Careers ( 1 Story )
191Edward HappNoFive CareersCareers don't end; they change into something new
Hide details for Change Mgmt   ( 20 Stories )Change Mgmt ( 20 Stories )
6Edward HappYesLeave your SignatureStyle matters; leave your signature
44Edward HappYesGiving the Third to the ArchitectYou have to give one to the developers
71Edward HappNoThe Benefits of PainThe pain of change needs to be less than the pain of the status quo
81Edward HappYesA Red-Button PartyWhen you find a problem, celebrate: it's an opportunity to ratchet up the quality
95Edward HappYesPerfection and ProcrastinationOnly when the pain of avoiding a task exceeds the pain doing a task "perfectly," will the probability rise high enough for success.
101Edward HappNo1,008 RejectionsPersistence pays
145Edward HappNoLeading IndicatorsThere are no perfect data
158Edward HappNoWho is your client?The expectations of service we have from others is the expectation we must have for ourselves
163Edward HappNoThe case of the customer problem callThe customer is not the quality assurance department
175Edward HappNoHitting a tree in the desertA mistake repeated is not a lesson learned
184Edward HappNoGood filters, clear waterStrategy is about choice: filtering in the yes, and out the no
190Edward HappNoStanding StillThose who stand still are the ones who get hit by the train
195Edward HappNoDon't hit the ball in the drinkPsych in, not out
233Edward HappNoI'm FatPerceptions are relative
246Edward HappNoThe Gas StationSometimes everyone and everything comes all at once
259Edward HappNoStuck in ParisA set-back is a little death
286Edward HappNoThe PebbleSmall things can cause large disruptions
288Edward HappYesThe Frog and the TrainIf you don't move, you get hit by the train

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