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Letters to a Young Manager

Are You Reading Us?, #523

Please note that this letter is in-process; the following are my notes

Dear Adam,
NGO IT futures presentation at a university in Ohio.  I was CIO of an international org. 
During the Q&A, professor asked, “Do you read any of our work”?
No, but… I read research meta-papers in language of business
Importance of knowing your audience.  Are professors writing largely for peers?
As member of UM faculty, I am more aware of pressures both groups face
To connect, need is for more meta-work.     
Sincerely yours,



The language of your intended audience may not be the language of your reviewers

Discussion Questions:

1. When you write a report, who are you writing for?
2. If you are writing about technology for a non-technical audience, what should you avoid?
3. When have you played the role of translator or interpreter? between technology and business?

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