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Letters to a Young Manager

Braveheart, #343

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On May 3, 2016, at 9:44 PM, Ed Happ <> wrote:

In the final scene of the movie Braveheart as William Wallace is being drawn and quartered, his executioner leaned close to him and said to the crowd, "The prisoner wishes to say a word." Where upon Wallace shouts with his last breath "Freedom!"

I stood in the square in London where this took place and read the plaque memorializing his life. But what I most remembered was that shout worth dying for. There was no doubt what Wallace's true north was. And it has never been silenced.



What's the one word you would shout out against impossible odds

Discussion Questions:

What value is worth dying for? If you had one more word to say before your died, what would it be?

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