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Letters to a Young Manager

Arrogance, #543

Please note that this letter is in-process; the following are my notes

Dear Adam,
A CEO's (Jim Manzi) arrognace with the press at the Signal launch. "I've prepared answers for your questions, yes, no, yes, no, no, yes." Also his well-known comment when presented with ideas at meetings: "Well that's a blinding flash of the obvious."

Find the "Fish is rotten at the head" story in the Boston Globe.
See "It can happen here"
Here's the org structure I remember:

"In fact, Boston Globe columnist
Alex Beam wrote a piece in 1988
tided "The Fish Rots at the
Head" arguing that Lotus was
suffering greatly under Manzi.
For a time, Lotus refused to talk
to the Globe, a decision Manzi
ended up making several times.

Network World - Oct 16, 1995 - Page 66
Sincerely yours,



Arrogance nullifies leadership and does not invite the valuable conversation

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