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Letters to a Young Manager

When We Get Technology Right, More Kids Get Fed, #57
LTYM > Mission and Vision

Dear Sophie,
In an international nonprofit organzation, the impact of large IT mistakes can be devastating. I wrote you about one CIO who had a startling realization of this during a board presentation [1].

I once heard another CIO of a large international non-profit say that when IT makes a mistake, a kid goes hungry. That's a strong motivation to avoid errors. But it's backwards, and it's bad psychology. It's much more powerful to say that when IT gets technology right, more kids get fed. That's an example of a "mission moving" motivation.

Most IT professionals I know want their group's work to have a positive impact. Do you agree?

[1] See "The Scream" Story #278


Turn it around: When IT gets it right, more kids get fed.

Discussion Questions:

1) How does a Negative statement like avoiding a mistake make you feel?
2) How Does the positive goal make you feel?
3) Under which statement would you rather work?

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