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The HPMD Bullet

November 1998
© Copyright 1998, HP Management Decisions Ltd., All Rights Reserved.
Vol. 3 Issue 2


Welcome to the November issue of HPMD's "one-page" newsletter. Please feel free to share and forward this issue to your friends and colleagues.

We've sifted through the ideas and technology issues we face each month to bring you a select sampling. Maybe something below will ignite a new use of information technology to help you manage your business more effectively....

If something below catches your interest, just click on the link to jump to the full item on our website.


Are you using the right measurement tools to monitor your division or department? Take a few minutes and use our interactive self-test to see how your company rates in the measurement area.

Follow this link to the Measurement Information Quotient (M-IQ) survey: http://www.hpmd.com/hpmd/miqsrvy.nsf


An intranet-based Employee Communication Center... many companies have them these days, do you? It's not e-mail, it's not simply a database... it is an electronic discussion and information center which can form the core of your company's HR communication system.

You can examine a sample communication center right here: http://www.hpmd.com/hpmd/empcomm.nsf


If you're looking for background on the best in measurement practices and theory, take a look at this bibliography. Better yet, if you have a particular measurement concern, give us a call and we'll direct you to the right resource.

For a comprehensive measurement bibliography: http://www.hpmd.com/hpmd/wbullets.nsf/links/062?OpenDocument


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