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The HPMD Bullet
October 1998
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Vol. 3 Issue 1
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An Expert Opinion...During the past few months we've been talking to several information technology professionals about IT Strategy. One is currently the CIO of a major health services provider. Not related to your industry, you say? Think again. Service issues transcend industry boundaries. Follow this link to view IT Strategy from another angle.
Featured Web DemoHow do you know how well your company or department is performing? Better yet, how can you know this before anyone else does? A Balanced Scorecard can provide you this information.
A Balanced Scorecard tracks not only financial performance, but also key customer indicators and operational indicators. Best of all, by using the internet, you can gather this data from diverse locations and view a scorecard updated in real-time from your office.
You can see a Balanced Scorecard in action by clicking on this link.
Service StoryA real tear-jerker! We all need a little reminder now and then that technology serves the customer, not the other way around. This is especially important when it comes to children and mealtimes! Here's a real, live tale for your enjoyment.
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